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This site has been the cornerstone for Digital Works media development since 1999. Developing CG animation and design for clients in medical, aerospace and entertainment industries.

Media Development

What exactly is Media Development?

Any form of original graphics, cg animation or video presentation that is specificaly tailored to suit your business or venture. Produced for the web, iPod, DVD or CD.

Why you need it?

Unless word of mouth is sufficient to present your business product or services, getting a tailored media presentation together is better option.

Employee or client orienation or training?

Companies with qualified staff can be spread thin in orientation and training situations. Having informative presenations ensures that everyone viewing has access to the same detailed information. Thus freeing up staff to for critical work operations.

Do you have a new product line or service?
Are you looking to generate new business?

Getting a focused presentation that summarizes or details your product, services is one of the best way to get a return on your investments.

Bottom Line

Having worked in media development for quite a few years now, the landscape has changed dramaticaly.

There are a broad range tool sets to cover the tasks of any given project. Knowing a clients scope, time line, and working budget helps us craft a solution that meets those ends. The job for us as your Media Developer is knowing when, where, and how to apply any given solution to complete your productions.

With Web 2.0, opportunities are in full swing. The approach to value added production/presentations has opened new opportunities for business. The economics of information, marketing, and eventual sales are now wide open and more importantly scalable to suit most any client needs.



"Media Development" Since September 1999. Digital Works has developed animations, graphics, and video for various industries.

Key Points
Good visualization integrates the natural and technical world, includes natural intuition, spatial cues and perception

Training Tools
Save key staff employee time with video training targeted at orienatation or training of new hires.

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